10 Reasons Why You Should Own A Yorkie

Reasons Why You Should Own A Yorkie

Yorkshire Terriers are wonderful pets. There numerous physical, mental, and emotional benefits when you own a Yorkie. Their small size, affectionate nature, and intelligence make them great family dogs. A Yorkie is also highly adaptable and thrives with human companionship.

Here are top 9 reasons why you should own a Yorkie.

Size is an Incentive To Own A Yorkie

Yorkshire Terriers are small dogs, and their tiny size makes them a perfect fit for all homes. Whether you have a flat or a studio apartment, space is not a constraint to owning a Yorkie. The dog fits into all sizes without any issue and remains comfortable. You can easily carry it, and the small size assures a low maintenance cost. You need not be worried about food bills.

Greatest Companions

Yorkies are among the most loving and devoted companions. They look adorable and remain fiercely loyal. Seniors love to own a Yorkie, as the dog is easy to carry and manage. Families find the dog cute, entertaining, and cuddly. Yorkshire Terriers tend to be affectionate toward their family. They live longer and are highly adaptive, lively, and energetic. Their unqualified physical and emotional attachment is always a satisfying experience.

The Special Coat a Reason To Owning a Yorkie

Only a handful of dogs has beautiful and exotic coats similar to that of Yorkies. This breed of dogs stands out in canine shows for their colorful look. Silky and smooth, the coat is an ultimate semblance of luxury, and this is the reason why the rich favor the dog as a household showpiece. A neat, compact, and well-proportioned body make the dog a truly joyous possession.

Hypoallergenic Coat an Advantage

Unlike many other dogs, Yorkshire Terriers have a hypoallergenic coat, and this is an invitation to those at the risk of allergies to own a Yorkie. Though no pet is 100% allergy free, the dog is relatively free from irritants that may induce allergy in owners. The dog does not shed too much and is generally considered safe for people vulnerable to asthma and allergy.

 Yorkies Are Excellent Watch Dogs

The Yorkshire Terrier is not a guard dog. However, he is an excellent watchdog, and this is an added benefit when you own a Yorkie. Bold and with a big dog mentality, the Yorkie rises to the occasion to safeguard the life and property of his family. The dog is highly possessive and protective of his family. He alerts his owner at the slightest hint of a stranger. His keen sense of hearing is an asset in his role as a watchdog.

No Need for Exercise

Being small, Yorkies do not require you to spend a lot of time exercising them. They stay content without vigorous or lengthy workouts. Their activities inside the home are enough to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. A short stroll in the garden or to the nearby store is enough for these tiny dogs. This appeals to seniors or those lacking sufficient time to take their dog on long walks to own a Yorkie.

Low on Maintenance

The Yorkshire Terrier is a budget dog. You don’t have to spend too much on his needs, and this makes it perfect to own a Yorkie. They have a little stomach, which means you do not need to spend much on expensive dog nutrition. A bag food lasts longer saving your money. Also, the dog is cheap to feed and there is no need to spend on high-end dog foods.

The small size also keeps vet bills small and you can easily afford them. As the dog is easy to manage, you don’t need to spend too much time and money on its bathing, grooming, or training.

Extremely Intelligent

Super smart, the Yorkshire Terrier is among the most intelligent dogs. The dog is highly trainable and easy to housetrain or potty train. Yorkies have a unique quality – the ability to respond to human instruction effectively and swiftly. This makes them great family pets.

Cleanest Dog

Yorkshire Terriers shed very little despite having long hair, and this makes them a clean dog. Easy to train, Yorkies can be easily potty train them without too much problem. They usually avoid digging like Doxies or chewing like Rotties. You may not find them drooling like Great Danes. This makes it a delight to own a Yorkie.

Good as Therapy Dog

Smoky, a Yorkie famous for his exploits during World War II, is the first therapy dog. She visited field hospitals comforting injured soldiers. She worked as a therapy dog for 12 years, and her role made a celebrity after the war.

With their friendly, loving, and affectionate nature, Yorkshire Terriers can brighten the life of anyone in physical or emotional distress. They are easy to manage, and this adds to their advantage as perfect therapy dogs for patients with hypertension and social withdrawal.

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