11 Things You Should Know About Yorkshire Terrier

Know a few Things You Should Know About Yorkshire Terrier

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Smart and suave, the Yorkshire Terrier belies your expectation of being a petite and fragile dog.

Beyond its irresistibly cute brown eyes and gorgeous hair, lies a sharp and intelligent mind. Adorable and pampered, Yorkies love to flaunt their emotional attachment with owners.

The feisty dog breed is naturally intelligent and quick to learn and always eager to spell a charm of uprightness. You must be aware of a few important things about Yorkshire Terrier life, temperament, and behavior before you own one.

Here are 11 interesting things new owners must know about Yorkshire Terrier dogs. 

The Scottish-British Legacy of Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies boast a legacy of different Terrier types that existed in the 19th century England and Scotland. Many Scottish migrants came to England to work at cotton mills in Lancashire in northern England during the time.

They brought with them different Terrier breeds and settled in Yorkshire.

The inter progeny of Scotch Terriers and local English dogs got the distinct name of Yorkshire Terrier.

A Yorkshire Terrier named Huddersfield Ben catapulted the breed to fame with its achievements in the late 1860s and the early 1870s.

Owned by a Yorkshire woman, the Yorkie won several show-dog awards across the British Isles, making the breed a center of public attention.

Yorkies came to the United States as early as 1872. However, its popularity grew only after the World War II when exploits of Smoky, a Yorkshire Terrier that participated in the war, caught the public imagination.

Yorkie Personality Belies Its Petite Body

The small physique is not a sign of your Yorkie’s personality.  Aware of its small size, it always strives to match big dogs nose to nose.

A Yorkshire Terrier does not like to remain dependent, though it thrives on attention and attachment with the owner.

The dog breed is known for its competitive spirit, passionate behavior, and penchant for self-reliance.

Yorkies do not easily exhibit soft submissive temperament, a characteristic feature in many lap dog breeds. This makes Yorkshire Terrier not the best choice for families with young children.

However, they are perfect companions for older men and women.

Yorkshire Terrier An Excellent Watch Dog

Though your Yorkie lacks the intimidating look of big guard dogs, he is an outstanding watch dog. His excellent intelligence, hearing, and bark compliment his fantastic guarding ability.

Yorkie in the woods

These dogs tend to bark at every sight of a stranger to alert their owners of any possible danger. However, a Yorkshire Terrier usually refrains from attacking strangers.

About Yorkshire Terrier’s Occasional Aggression

By nature, Yorkies are aggressive. However, mentally strong and emotionally confident, these dogs often do not hesitate to engage with other people and dogs.

They have a penchant to become overly protective of their people and assert themselves to invite attention.

These personality traits often cause them to become aggressive, which is quite unusual of their polished behavior.

Difficult Breed To Potty Train

The Yorkshire Terrier usually prefers to stay indoors and is reluctant to house break.

The dog prefers to empty its tiny bladder at home than getting out in the cold. It is difficult to potty train the dog, as the breed prefers a home surrounding and avoids going out alone.

This is often the most talked about ownership issues about Yorkshire Terrier.

The breed is not for you if you are living in a cold area or which receives incessant rainy seasons. Yorkies evade stepping outside for fear of becoming wet.

About Yorkshire Terrier Love for Playful Indulgence

The Yorkshire Terrier breed is known for entertaining antics. Its genes seem to carry over its love for vermin hunting.

The breed was engaged in the 19th century English factories and mines.

The dog is naturally drawn to toys and even competes with children to get hold of them. Yorkies also enjoy doing things that can catch the attention of others. This makes them one of the most playful breeds of dogs.

Need Extra Care of Petite Bodies

The small body of these little dogs is prone to injury. This calls for caution and care while handling these dogs.

Look behind while turning back to see if your dog is following your steps. Make sure you do not step onto your Yorkie in the dark.

Young children often tend to behave harshly with these puppies, who are not so amenable to their commands, making them prone to injuries.

Yorkshire Terrier Are Picky Eaters

Yorkies are fussy eaters just like toddlers. They are very selective when it comes to food.

Owners often see their Yorkies turning away food if it is not to their liking. They too find their eating more disorderly than any other dog breed.

This habit of Yorkshire Terrier makes it vulnerable to hypoglycemia or low blood sugar level, which can cause various other ailments.

Yorkie eating

About Yorkshire Entertaining and Pleasing Character

Yorkshire Terrier breed loves socialization. When trained and nourished, the dog turns out to be the most affectionate pet for men and women.

They thrive in your company and love to stay close and be pampered.

However, a Yorkie looks highly suspicious and tends to bark too often when you fail to socialize him adequately.

Yorkies’ Intelligence

Yorkies may not be the smartest of dogs, but nevertheless. They are incredibly intelligent. They are a beauty with brains.

Their ability to learn, anticipate, and discern is far better than many other canine breeds.

Today, Yorkies are considered among the most highly trainable canines.  They were originally bred to keep factories and coal mines free from mice and other vermin.

But their swift learning skills and talent to comprehend human instructions have established Yorkshire Terriers as an adorable household dog breed.

Easy To Train, Socialize

A Yorkshire Terrier is easy to train. Unlike many other lap dog breeds, you do not need to have enduring patience while training these dogs.

Yorkies love consistency and are known to be fast learners. They can easily adjust to a non-threatening environment and respond well to favorable stimuli.

The Yorkshire Terrier is very agile and enjoys rallying sports activities. Use this trait to keep them fit and healthy. 

Train your pooch to control his barking habits. Yorkies have a tendency to bark at the slightest of pretext.

Be careful of your dog’s “Napoleon syndrome.” Yorkshire Terrier, when grows bolder, does not mind to clash with bigger dogs or other pets they do not like.

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