2lb Yorkie Beats to Death with a Pruning Shears in front of a 12-year-old Girl

2lb Yorkie Beats to Death with a Pruning Shears

A 2lb, 6-years-old Yorkshire Terrier named Chewy was killed last December 9 by their neighbor using a pruning shears in front of a 12-year-old girl named Haley.

Nancy Limburg, Haley’s mother, said that their toy dog ran into the front yard of their neighbor who was doing some landscaping in St. George, Utah.

As soon as their Yorkie came to their neighbor’s lawn, the neighbor swung at the dog with a pruning shears, striking the dog in the head and killing it immediately.

Haley watched their neighbor whack Chewy in the head and asked him “What are you doing?” The neighbor replied “Your dog’s running over here and you made him” and Haley answered “nuh uh”.

2lb Yorkie Beats to Death with a Pruning Shears

Haley came running to her mother, Nancy, and told the story. Nancy claimed to know why their neighbor would kill their dog and the neighbor replied he had killed the terrier in protection of his own dogs that were secured behind a fence in his backyard.

Nancy said that Chewy was a sweet-natured dog and had even been ‘de-barked’ so as not to annoy the neighbors.

Haley has medical conditions and Chewy was a service dog to her and killing her Yorkie in front of her is just shocking and tormenting.

2lb Yorkie Beats to Death with a Pruning Shears

Police are probing the allegations but no arrests have been made or charges brought against the neighbor.

Police said that no arrests will be made up until their investigation is complete. If the neighbor is arrested, he could face a class A violation with a maximum sentence of one year in prison and a $2,500 fine.

Article and Image source: MailOnline

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