Best Food for Yorkie Puppies by Age

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If you have a new Yorkie puppy and are wondering what foods to feed your little friend, we may have some guidelines and answers for you. The bottom line is that the best food to feed your dog is the one that he likes.

Feeding Amounts

Yorkies, and especially puppies, can get hypoglycemia if their blood sugar drops, so it is necessary to feed your small dog three to four meals, spread out evenly throughout the day. High-quality kibble can be left out for him in addition to his other food.

Each Yorkie will have a different sense of taste, just as each has his own personality. There is not one food that fits every dog. His activity and lifestyle should be taken into account. Since your dog is just a puppy, you may need some guidelines as to the types of food to feed him.

The Yorkie and other small dogs have small stomachs as well as mouths that are quite tiny. Kibble should be a small size for easy chewing and digestion in the puppy. This is also the reason why meals should be spread out throughout the day.

Four to Six Weeks

From four to six weeks, as weaning ends, it is imperative that food is available throughout the day, in order to prevent his blood sugar from dropping. This will help him add weight to his tiny body. It also helps him to get used to eating, as he was previously getting only milk.

Three Months and Up

Adjust his feeding schedule to the three to four meals a day, as you begin potty training. Up until he is one, the meals can be given in the morning, in the afternoon, early evening and later evening. Make sure that he gets food at least two hours before bedtime.

After One Year

Yorkie running

Your Yorkie puppy can now eat a small meal and a larger one (two meals daily) instead of three or four. However, since all dogs have different digestion, adjust this for his needs, feeding three times a day if necessary.

Puppies should be getting 200 calories per day since they have lots of energy and are more active.

Dry Foods/ Kibble

Remember that the kibble should be small in size for easy chewing and digestion. Some people prefer a grain-free dry dog food that is formulated especially for puppies. With the addition of high protein sources, this type of kibble is a great choice. Puppy Wire suggests Merrick Grain Free Recipe as their favorite for feeding of Yorkie puppies.

Here are some brands that are nutritious and are high quality for your Yorkie:

Wet Foods

The following are some suggestions for wet food for your Yorkie puppy:

Nutro Small Breed Puppy Chicken and Oatmeal Stew

Those on a budget might want to try Cesar Puppy with Chicken & Beef Dog Food Trays.

The important thing to consider is if your dog enjoys his food and will eat it as well as whether it has the nutrients that he needs. If meat is the first ingredient, you know that it is a higher quality dog food.

If you are feeding your Yorkie a commercial dog food and wish to change brands, do so by mixing some of the new brand with what they have been eating, especially if the dog has a stomach that is sensitive.

Homemade Diet

When cooking at home, you need not worry about fillers, preservatives, and chemicals. Your Yorkie puppy will get the optimum amount of meat and nutrition. You can find some recipes for feeding your dog in this book, aimed specifically at cooking for the Yorkie. Puppies can eat the same food as adults, just in smaller amounts and sizes.

You can find more recipes here. These recipes contain rice, so are not grain-free.

Maintaining and building the weight of your Yorkie puppy is a goal that can be ensured with the right food, whether it is homemade or bought in the store. The important consideration is that your dog likes the food that you are feeding him and will eat it.

Keeping your puppy’s blood sugar consistent is important, especially in small dogs. If they refuse food, they can easily become hypoglycemic. If this happens, you can rub some corn syrup on his gums or add a high-quality supplement gel to his food. If this does not work, take your puppy to the vet immediately.

Treat bones for dog

You now have some choices as to what to feed your little furry friend to keep his coat shiny and energy level up. With the right diet that he loves to eat, your Yorkie puppy will thrive and will be well on his way to being an adult Yorkie.

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