Best Wet Dog Food For Yorkies


When it comes to feeding your Yorkie friend, you want to give him or her the best food that will help make your dog thrive. The right food will enhance their skin and coat as well as their overall health.

Nutrition is an important consideration when it comes to raising a Yorkie; food should be appropriate to their breed as well as their age. Here is some information on feeding your Yorkie wet food as well as dry food.

Things to consider include:

  • Age
  • Level of energy
  • Health status

Because they have smaller mouths and smaller teeth than other breeds of dogs, their wet food should be easy to eat with small bite-sized chunks and a softer consistency. Because much of the wet food has a lower value of nutrients, many Yorkie owners mix it with kibble.

How much food does a Yorkie need?

The National Research Council of the Natural Academies suggests feeding Yorkshire Terriers about 200 calories of food daily for an active dog. Dogs that are not active should not be eating more than 150 calories a day.

Dog food

However, the best dog food for Yorkies that are younger than 12 months is one that can provide him with 400 calories daily. Because of growth and development, puppies need more energy and thus more calories. Senior dogs can be reduced to a daily intake of 100 calories.

It is suggested that you feed your Yorkie several times a day, as they are small dogs and cannot eat too much at one time. That way you can avoid low blood sugar and upset stomachs.

Protein, fats, and calories

Because of the activity level of a Yorkie, a high protein and high-fat diet is essential. They are full of energy and need food that is full of vitamins and nutrients as well as protein and fat.

Some of the best protein ingredients for Yorkies include lamb, fish, chicken, turkey, and beef. It should not be processed. Puppies should be fed food that is specially formulated for them.

Some recommendations

The best wet dog food for your Yorkie has high-quality ingredients. It will be up to each dog as to the food they like and prefer. If your dog is not eating the brand that you have chosen, it may be that he does not like the taste.

Here are some recommendations from owners of this furry friend:

  • Royal Canin
  • Wellness
  • Merricks Grammy Pot Pie
  • Natural Balance
  • Blue Buffalo
  • Taste of the Wild
  • Nature’s Variety

One particular owner had great success with Blue Homestyle Recipe Small Breed Lamb Dinner, but there are many options available in types of meat.

Food can

According to Whole Dog Journal, you want to be able to identify the ingredients that are listed, opting for whole, natural dog food ingredients rather than highly processed meats, sugars, and grains. Some of the must-haves for wet food include:

  • Proteins- should be listed as the #1 ingredient
  • Grains – only whole and unprocessed
  • Veggies- sweet potato can be used as a thickener. Should be about sixth in the listing.
  • Complete and balanced – means it has passed AAFCO approval

Food companies must present proof that their dog food is balanced and complete in order to receive AAFCO approval.

To Avoid

You will need to read the labels if considering a particular food for your furry friend. A wet food that you give your Yorkie, according to Whole Food Journal, should not contain:

  • Unnamed animal source, such as “meat”
  • Meat or poultry by-products
  • Animal plasma
  • Wheat gluten
  • Sugar, molasses or sweeteners
  • Artificial colors or preservatives

You can also make your own home-made wet food, using meat as the primary ingredient. It can be mixed with a high-quality kibble to assure that your Yorkie gets all of the necessary nutrients.

Home-made food for Yorkies

If you have the time and enjoy cooking, you can always make your own recipes to feed your furry friend; that way you will be assured of no chemicals or the addition of BHA or BHT.

There are many online recipes that you can use as a basis. You may need to add supplements or mix with it with kibble. If the recipe calls for garlic or onions, you might avoid those ingredients, as they can cause stomach distress.

Yorkie eating

You now have some information; your little Yorkie will make its own decision as to which food it prefers; the best wet dog food for Yorkies is the one that is nutritious and that they love to eat.

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