Brushing a Yorkshire Terrier

Brushing a Yorkshire Terrier

Just like humans, the hair of your Yorkshire terrier needs to be brushed regularly or on a daily basis.

Although their hair doesn’t shed, a day-to-day brushing is still important to get rid of the dead coat and skin cells.

If you do not regularly brush her hair, she will have a messy and twisted hair, which will sooner or later get hard mats and becomes difficult to brush.

You can either keep your Yorkie’s hair short or long, as long as you give time in brushing her hair. Most people keep their hair short to keep from matting and tangling.

Grooming Preparation:

Teach your Yorkie to stand for his regular grooming all through his brushing session for about a few days to a week.

To make your grooming method easy, prepare some treats for her so that she will also enjoy the whole process. Do not forget to praise her when she behaves and follows your instructions.

Hold her lightly to command her to stand then work your hands over her body so she will get familiar and comfortable to being held while she’s on the table.

Repeat this process until she learns to stand on the table by herself. Do not forget to leave your pooch alone on the table.

Items for Brushing:

  • Diluted dog conditioner
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Rubber- Backed Pin brush intended for your type of dog
  • Wide-tooth grooming comb

Steps for Brushing:

1st Step – Spray it:

Before brushing your Yorkie’s hair, spray it first with a spray bottle of diluted dog conditioner.

When you comb your Yorkie’s fragile hair when it’s still dry will only make the strands break and makes clearing up the tangles distressing.

So when you spray her hair with diluted dog conditioner, her hair strands will become smooth and less demanding to the brush. Your Yorkie’s hair should be moist, not soaked.

2nd Step – Brush it:

Using a pin brush (preferably rubber-backed pin brush), start brushing your terrier’s neck by applying mild strokes in the direction to where the hair grows.

It is recommended to use a rubber-backed pin brush because the rubber will hook those dead strands hiding under the surface of her fur.

Aside from removing dead strands, pin bushes also stimulates the skin and spreads her natural oil all over her fur and skin.

3rd Step – Untangle it:

If there are tangles on your doggy’s hair, you can remove it by applying a couple of drops of dog conditioner to the twisted hair.

Start brushing the tangled hair gently by beginning at the bottom part of the hair then stroke your way up to the tangled hair. Brush the tangled hair one portion at a time by using a wide-tooth grooming comb.

The wide design of the comb will help loosen the twisted hair less difficult. Continue doing this until the entire section of hair is smooth to comb through.

4th Step – Face it:

Lastly, use a grooming comb when combing your pooch’s hair over her cute face and genital area.

Stroke the hair around her face carefully so that you will not hit her eyes. In removing mats over her rectum, just use a small scissor to avoid unintentional slits in case your Yorkie unexpectedly moves.


Before you give your Yorkshire terrier a bath, you have to brush her hair first. Getting rid of dead hair and knots before bathing will lessen the stress in after-bath combing.

Do not forget to commend your pooch during her brushing period and give her a treat for being obedient and patient.


It is recommended that you should take your Yorkie to a professional dog groomer when she has severe matted hair.

Please do not try to comb it off yourself because you won’t actually untangle it, plus, it will be very painful for your Yorkshire terrier.

Yorkshire terrier needs trimming every 6–8 weeks whether she has a long or short hair.

A day-to-day combing or brushing of your terrier’s hair will keep her coat fine, smooth, mat-free and tangled-free.

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