A Dog Wedding for a Cause

On the last Saturday of February, two canine best friends wed in front of their other canine friends in a lovely ceremony, The Squamish Chief reports. The bride Kaoru, a Tamaskan and an emotional therapy dog, whereas his groom is Riley, a Havanese/shih tzu/Yorkshire terrier mix. They have been best friends for the longest time. Their dog wedding took place at restaurant followed by a community Park Walk organized for their puppy friends who were not at the actual ceremony.

Dog wedding for a cause

Photo by David Buzzard via squamishchief.com

The dog wedding is a fundraiser for Canine Connection, which is a special program designed to teach kids aged 7 to 16 years with important life skills. The program also allows the kids to work with dogs. The money raised from the wedding goes toward paying the needs for the program including teachers’ salary.

Best wishes to these two!


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