Category: Diet and Nutrition

Foods Your Yorkie Should Avoid

If you are the owner of a Yorkshire Terrier, you want him or her to be as safe as possible. Not only that, stomach distress is bothersome for both the dog and you. Seeing your Yorkie uncomfortable is uncomfortable for everyone, and even home cooking can contain ingredients …

Best Dog Food for Yorkies with Allergies

Although allergies may come and go with the change of seasons, your Yorkie can really feel this troubling issue. Moreover, food allergies add to the suffering of your little dog. Food allergies are also common among dogs. What can an owner do to help the little dog feel …

Best Wet Dog Food For Yorkies

When it comes to feeding your Yorkie friend, you want to give him or her the best food that will help make your dog thrive. The right food will enhance their skin and coat as well as their overall health.

Best 10 Dog Foods for Yorkies With Sensitive Stomachs

If your little Yorkie has a tummy which is sensitive to certain ingredients or foods, you will want to feed him or her a special diet. The amount of food given at feeding time may also be a factor to consider. With the proper feeding of your dog, …
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