Lucy, the World’s Smallest Therapist

Lucy, the World's Smallest Therapist

The cute Mini Yorkshire terrier named Lucy is the world’s smallest therapist. She’s only 5.7in tall, 7.5in long and 2.9lbs in weight – similar height to a soda can.

Lucy visits the sick and disabled individuals in their area together with her 60-year-old owner Sally Montufar who is a school instructor from Vineland, New Jersey. According to those individuals, they said that a snuggle with Lucy makes their issues incidentally leave, and claim that she even knows when something isn’t right.

Sally said: Lucy is a wonderful therapy dog because she seems to have some kind of empathetic disposition. She is calm, she is sweet, she will cuddle and she’ll sense when something is wrong. We go to lots of schools, children’s hospitals and nursing homes and rehab hospitals. If someone asks we’ll go. Whether they are students with anxiety, in the hospital, rehab, or a nursing home, she just shows up and they get calm and comfortable and that’s what her superpower is!’

Lucy, the World's Smallest Therapist

Sally also consider that Lucy’s miniature size makes her more friendly, approachable, and welcoming than other dogs. During their visits, Sally spruces up her tiny yorkie in bows, collars and tutus.

She said: ‘Children that are not afraid of dogs won’t be afraid of Lucy because she is so little. She is very unintimidating. She’s helped a lot of people. She just shows up and they get calm and comfortable and that’s what her superpower is! However, Lucy has what I call “Yorkitude”. There are times she refuses, and that gets the biggest laugh from the audience.’

Lucy, the World's Smallest Therapist

When Lucy is not working, she sleeps most of the time. She’s tiny that she truly needs a great deal of rest.

Image and Article source: DailyMail

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