My Yorkshire Terrier Is Shaking, What Should I Do?

Yorkie running

If you are concerned with the shaking going on with your little Yorkie, there are some things that you should be aware of when it comes to this condition.

Seeing your little dog shaking may cause you great concern.

Shivering or trembling are other terms used for this shaking, which can often be stopped with a few steps that you can take.

Some reasons for this shaking include:

  • Excitement
  • Being afraid
  • Regulation of body temperature
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Severe pain

Some of these reasons are quite easy to take care of.

The feeling of excitement

When your furry friend feels anticipation, such as seeing his favorite toy, he may begin to shiver.

According to the Yorkie Page, this is not a cause for concern and is very normal.

Emotions seem to overwhelm this tiny dog, and favorite things, like a walk, doggy friend, treat or potential cuddles may make him shake.

Just enjoy it with him is a great idea suggested by the Trembling Yorkie.

Your Yorkie is afraid

Being held in the air is one reason for a Yorkie to shake; others begin to shake when a stranger is introduced, and others do fine with new people.

It has been suggested that approaching a puppy from the side may ease his fears, as you gently put him in your lap.

There are two steps to take when your Yorkie is afraid:

  • Remove him from the situation that is causing fear, whether it means taking him out of the dog park or leaving the company of a neighbor.
  • Work on socializing your dog to this experience to help overcome the fear.

Socialization training is a great way to further bond with your dog. You will see his self confidence grow through praise, rewards and trust.

Learn more about socializing your dog in the section labeled “Feeling Afraid” and how socialization works.

Regulation of body temperature


Both puppies and senior dogs in particular have problems in regard to cold temperatures; they can easily feel chilled.

Since the Yorkie only has one coat, unlike some dogs that have two, that means that has less protection from the cold.

He feels the weather when it is chilly, windy, cold and rainy. While other dogs have fur, the covering of the Yorkie is hair.

When it comes to keeping your Yorkie warm think of the following:

  • On windy days, he may need clothing or more protection
  • A doggy bed near a drafty location can cause your dog to shiver
  • Cold days, especially when the temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 °C) call for clothing.

You may think that the purpose of clothing on a Yorkie is to make him look cute.

That may be a side result; the actual purpose is to protect your dog and keep him warm, even in temperatures that do not seem very cold to yours.

Coats, sweaters and shirts will keep your little Yorkie comfy and will reduce shaking from cold.

Keep in mind that this little guy or girl has hair, which is not as thin as fur. Shoes can protect his feet from pebbles if your are in that outdoor environment.

Your dog could have hypoglycemia

According to the Yorkie Information Center, an imbalance of sugars in the bloodstream can cause your dog to shake.

This situation, when it happens in very young puppies, can be fatal.

For Yorkies older than 3 months, shaking can be a sign of hypoglycemia. 

What are the causes of this condition?

Some reasons for a dog to become hypoglycemic include:

  • Stress due to a new environment
  • A fast change in food- changes in food should be gradual
  • Long periods without food can cause it. Feed your puppy three meals a day. Older dogs should eat at least two meals, even if other dogs in the household only eat a single meal.

With hypoglycemia, that shaking will take over his body, similar to the reaction from cold weather.

Other signs of this condition include trouble walking, weakness, dizziness and coma, if not treated.

What can you do? One solution is to give him honey; have it on hand even when going for a walk.

For a puppy, rub the honey onto his gums; he needs to be stabilized until you can get to the closest vet.

It should not be treated at home, as your dog may need an IV solution if his case is severe. (Do not give him Karo syrup as this is a laxative and not something you or your dog want to deal with at this time.)

The possibility of pain

In a rare case, your Yorkie might be shaking from feeling pain.

If this is the case, there usually will be other signs, such as issues with mobility, changed eating habits, moaning and sleep changes.

He may be hiding the other signs, as dogs in the wild will hide signs of pain to keep from being vulnerable.

If you suspect that your Yorkie is shaking from pain, get him to the vet as soon as possible to avoid larger problems and get a correct diagnosis.


You now have some knowledge of why your Yorkshire Terrier is shaking and what steps you can take to make it go away.

Identifying the cause of the shaking is the first step.

Then dress him in warmer clothes, move his bed away from drafts, feed him or take him to the vet. Both you and your Yorkie friend will be happier and more comfortable.

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