Royal Canin Yorkie Food: Is It Any Good?

Royal Canin bag

The right nutrition for your little Yorkie is important to both you and your dog. You want him to have the benefits of health and well being.

Feeding him the right food will encourage the best growth of your puppy as well as the health of your adult Yorkie.

Royal Canin Yorkie food for both puppies and adults has been highly recommended by owners of this breed.

It comes in both wet food and dry food and is available in forms for puppies as well as adults.

Another dog food that has been recommended for taste for Yorkies is the Cesar brand.

Remember that each dog is different and will have different tastes; the best dog food is the one that your dog likes and actually eats.

Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Dry Dog Food

This food was designed for the puppy with an age range of 8 weeks to 10 months.

Because the Yorkie is often a picky eater, it has been formulated to taste good to ensure that it is accepted. It supports gentle digestion as well as health needs for growth.

It has these features:

  • Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and biotin for skin and coat health
  • Helps support digestive health and helps to maintain a balanced intestinal flora
  • Antioxidants to help support a puppy’s natural defenses
  • Small kibble size, size, shape, and texture

A review on Amazon had this to say:

“Our new 9 week old Yorkie puppy was pretty indifferent to the kibble her breeder used, so we took a chance that this breed specific formula would be more to her taste.

We blended it with the kibble she was already eating – and watched as she carefully picked out the Royal Canin Yorkshire Puppy food – leaving the rest behind!”

Royal Canin Yorkshire Yorkshire Terrier Adult Dry Food

This food is meant for the adult stages of your Yorkie’s growth. It has the following features:

  • Kibble helps reduce dental plaque and limits the formation of tartar
  • Protects and adds nourishment for a long or shiny coat
  • Flavors have an intensity that stimulates even the fussiest appetite

Adult Yorkie

One reviewer on Amazon had this to say about this food:

“My Yorkie loves this stuff. I actually visited the food production in Missouri. You can eat off the floor.

The factory is as clean as a hospital. Only USA ingredients are used. This is a high caliber dog food.”

Another review said,

“Very impressed! Our little Yorkie loves to eat and has always tolerated dog food. I gave her this for the first time and she was like “finally!” She LOVED it.

So glad we found a food meant just for her. Recommend buying the 10-pound bag as the 2.5 is small.”

According to many positive reviews, Royal Canin is a great choice when it comes to dry food.

Cesar Food for Yorkies

If your Yorkie is a fussy eater and won’t eat some of the healthy dry Yorkie foods, such as Royal Canin, Blue Buffalo, Wellness or others, it is time to try a food that has a large following.

Many owners of Yorkies swear by Cesar for wet and dry food for their dogs.

There is one variety of dry food that is called Cesar Small Breed Dry Dog Food that comes in a Filet Mignon flavor.

It contains spring vegetables and has real beef as the first ingredient listed. making it tasty for your Yorkie. Other features of this dog food include:

  • 26 nutrients that a small dog needs
  • Meaty chunks are found in the kibble that are loved by older dogs
  • Resealable zipper helps preserve freshness and taste

Cesar dry dog food comes in other flavors, including:

  • Porterhouse steak
  • Pot roast
  • Rotisserie chicken

The dry food can be mixed with a portion of wet food to add moisture.

Although Cesar is not formulated specifically for the Yorkie breed, it is made for smaller dogs.

Yorkie puppy

The Cesar wet foods have been mixed with other brands of natural dry food, especially when a Yorkie has previously eaten it and loves it.

Dry food is usually a preferred option for the Yorkie, and if you are switching over from a wet food, such as Cesar, it is best to mix it with the new dry food.

As far as the Cesar dry food for Yorkies, one reviewer wrote to Cesar the following review:

“My dogs loved it! I have 4 Yorkies and they all loved Cesar Dry Dog Food.

When first introduced my babies started nibbling right away and have loved it since.”

If you are on a budget, feeding Cesar brand to your Yorkie is a good solution. It is less expensive than many of the other dry dog foods, including Royal Canin.

Those on fixed incomes who cannot afford the premium foods have tried Cesar; their dog loved it, and they then switched to this less expensive brand.

Picky eaters have also been known to go for this brand of dog food when they will not eat their usual brand.

Best Yorkie Food

Just make sure that the food you are feeding your Yorkie has the following, according to Tree House Puppies:

  • Protein – the most important and should not be processed
  • Carbohydrates – there are many different types
  • Fats – fish oil is a great source for a healthy coat

As stated earlier, the best food for your Yorkie is one that he will eat and love.

Even the most nutritious dog food is not healthy if it is not eaten by your furry friend.

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