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Yorkie Habits: Temperament and Personality

If you own a Yorkshire Terrier, you are aware of the Yorkie personality. This type of dog has a courageous temperament and is both lively and confident. You may be interested in learning more about the habits of your little dog, who can be charming and intelligent as …

Owner’s Guide to Yorkshire Terrier Breed

The cute and petite Yorkshire Terrier is among the most adorable pets. Energetic, brave, and determined, Yorkies carry an impression of big personality despite their small physique. Their silky coats make them the chosen symbol of the high society despite his working class origin.   Origin and Name of …

11 Things You Should Know About Yorkshire Terrier

Smart and suave, the Yorkshire Terrier belies your expectation of being a petite and fragile dog. Beyond its irresistibly cute brown eyes and gorgeous hair, lies a sharp and intelligent mind. Adorable and pampered, Yorkies love to flaunt their emotional attachment with owners. The feisty dog breed is …

Yorkie vs ball

Enemy or friend? Watch as this adorable 2-month-old Yorkshire terrier enthusiastically barks at and plays with a ball. This young Yorkie proves to everyone that Yorkshire terriers are indeed fearless.  
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