UK’s oldest Yorkie Attacked to Death

Jack, UK’s oldest Yorkshire Terrier Attacked to Death

A 25-year old Yorkshire Terrier (believed to be the oldest Yorkshire Terrier in UK) named Jack was beaten by another terrier last August 1 when he was just set to start his morning walk. This incident, of course, left his owners Ray and Mary Bunn grief-stricken.

When Ray Bunn (Jack’s owner) was about to get Jack out of the car and putting on his leash, a black Lakeland terrier run to them and abruptly bit and injured Jack to death. The 70-year old Mr. Bunn was pugnacious to end the tussle.

Mr. Bunn said that the dog who slayed Jack just came out of the blue and attacked Jack on his side. Jack was seriously bleeding but is still living.

Somebody had a blanket and covered Jack and put him in the back of the car. Jack died from his wounds before they even arrived to the vet.

Mr. Bunn already reported the incident to the police and was able to exchanged details with the owner of the Lakeland terrier.

Ray Bunn, owner of UK’s oldest Yorkshire Terrier

Mr. and Mrs. Bunn adopted Jack 15 years ago when the neighbor of their daughter saw Jack deserted and left tied to a tree.

Mrs. Bunns said: “The house is so quiet without Jack. We won’t be getting another dog. Jack was irreplaceable.

He had his own unique character and was loved by so many people. He was very well known in the area for being the country’s oldest dog. Everybody will be so upset.”

Most dogs live for about 12 years. But Jack’s long life was because of his healthy diet of sirloin steak and lots of exercise.

Jack was believed to be the oldest Yorkshire Terrier and of all the canines in Great Britain.

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