Yorkie, the Cutest TV anchor in the World

Yorkie, the Cutest TV anchor in the World

An 8-year old Yorkshire terrier from Coventry named “Yorkie” becomes a TV anchor for Visit York to build up tourism.

Yorkie stars on his own advertising video for Visit York on YouTube. Visit York already made 3 short films where viewers can trail Yorkie to his adventures in York and North Yorkshire. He has toured in the scenic places of Castle Howard, Shambles, National Railway Museum, North Yorkshire Moors Railway, and Whitby Abbey.

Yorkie travels with his adventurer’s outfit where he looks really cute and smart. You can also notice his Visit York and Yorkshire Rose brooches on his outfit.

Yorkie’s real name is Sunny and he loves to stroll around the terrain of England. If he’s not strolling, he loves to play with his toys in their back yard.

Image and article source: itv.com

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