What To Do When Your Yorkie Is In Heat

What To Do When Your Yorkie Heat Cycle

If you’re a female Yorkshire Terrier owner, then expect for your dog to experience estrus or heat cycle. Heat is the phase in a female dog’s reproductive cycle where she becomes open to mating with male dogs.

Heat Cycle Age

Canine’s first heat typically happens when an unspayed female dog is about 5 to 14 months old.

It is noticeable in a slight amount of blood-stained discharge, varying in color from pink to red.

If your female Yorkie still did not enter her heat cycle by the age of 15 months, you have to take her to her vet.

According to the Yorkie Information Center, at this time,

“Hormone levels will be checked and tests will be run to check for any uterine infections and other various illness that could be interfering with the body’s natural rhythms.”

Some reasons why your dog is not hitting her heat cycle is probably because of uterine issues or infections.

A young female Yorkie and an adult female Yorkie will have the same heat cycle processes and can become pregnant during this period.

If you do not want your Yorkie to get pregnant, have her spayed before she hits her first heat cycle or keep her in the house as much as possible.

Never let her go outside alone because male dogs can smell or sense her miles away – up to three miles away. If you want to take her out for a walk, make sure you put her on a short leash.

Heat cycle may stop when a Yorkie turns between 10 to 12 years old.

How Long Does a Yorkie Stay in Heat

An unspayed female Yorkie can usually experience heat around every six to eight months.

The heat cycle can last from two weeks to one month. Each phase may be not the same from the last cycle they had.

For instance, your Yorkie’s first heat can last for two weeks, and her next heat can last for four weeks.

Female Yorkies may stay on a steady schedule for years and then it may start to change.

When Can a Yorkie Become Pregnant During the Heat Cycle

Yorkshire Terriers can get pregnant at any time in the course of her heat cycle, but usually, canines can have a successful breeding on the very first day of the heat cycle, but, the most fertile days will be during the 10th to 14th day of her cycle.

Yorkie's face

Signs and Symptoms

  • Mood Changes – Yorkies will either dislike your affection or may be much more clingy than usual.
  • Puffed-up Vulva – Her vulva will get swollen and at times will turn darker in color.
  • Discharge – There will be a small amount of blood-stained discharge varying in color from dark red to pink. Make sure you do not let your dog stay on your bed, furniture, and other items that can be stained. Some owners provide their dogs with diapers or panties to stay clean and look cute.
  • Nesting – Yorkies will develop a brief nesting behavior. She may bring soft toys in her resting area to ‘mother’ them or to just pile them up.
  • Adjustment in Appetite – Yorkies may either eat more or eat less. She may eat less because of the uneasiness from uterus contraction.

Spaying Your Yorkie

It is highly recommended that you spay your Yorkie. It will make her safe from other dogs as well as give you greater peace of mind.

The Humane Society recommends spaying your dog.

Two reasons for spaying or neutering include:

  • Control of the dog population
  • Decrease or eliminate the chances of a dog developing certain diseases
    According to the Yorkie Information Center,

“It is very strongly recommended to have your dog spayed. In today’s day and age, veterinarians are spaying dogs even before their first heat cycle and it is safe to do so if she is in good health.

Spaying will severely lessen her odds of falling victim to mammary gland cancer and will eliminate the possibility of ovarian cancer.

Going through just one cycle increases the odds of cancer by 16 percent.”
Unless you are a breeder, you should plan on having your Yorkie spayed. It will make her safer from other dogs, increase her comfort and ensure against an unwanted pregnancy.

Read more about what The Humane Society says here.

You now know what steps to take when your little Yorkie is in heat; it is up to you to decide to have her spayed and increase her quality of life as well as provide a chance to live longer.

“On the whole, animals who have been sterilized at an early age tend to live longer, healthier lives, potentially increasing their lifespans by an average of one to three years for dogs, and three to five years for cats.” – Humane Society International

Taking Care of Yorkies In Heat

Even though your Yorkshire Terrier is in heat, you still have to make sure that she does not have any table foods.

It’s a decent awareness to limit the amount of food you give your in-heat dog and make sure to keep her water bowl full at all times.

Ensure that her resting area is quiet, away from other animals, or away from other distractions and disturbances.

If you have other domesticated animals in the house, don’t forget to spend quality time alone with your in-heat Yorkie even for just a short period every day.

Note that your in-heat Yorkie may show violent behavior, particularly if there is an unneutered male dog in your house.

Therefore, it is better to keep your male dog away from her. If your Yorkie looks unwell, then a visit to her vet is necessary.

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