Yorkie Potty Training: Guide To House Train Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkie Potty Training: Yorkshire Terrier Walking Outdoors

Loyal and lively, Yorkshire Terriers are prized companions. However, house training the toy breed of dogs is a tricky task. With a small bladder, they are prone to accidents. You can avoid such an annoyance only when you start your Yorkie potty training with the right knowledge and strategy.

Yorkie Potty Training: Keynotes

  • Yorkshire Terriers are infamously hard to potty train.
  • They have small bladders and need to housebreak frequently than large breeds.
  • Accidents are natural as these petite dogs cannot hold for long.
  • Yorkies love to be carried outside by their owners than going on their own.
  • Don’t expect your Yorkshire Terrier to alert you when he needs to eliminate.
  • You have to read the sign and carry your dog outside when he is a puppy.
  • Unless you correct accidents, your Yorkie may consider it as an accepted behavior.

When Should You Start Yorkie Potty Training

The best option is to start potty training your Yorkshire Terrier as soon as you bring him home. If the dog is from a pet store, you should be prepared to train him for the long haul. Dogs at pet stores live mostly in cages and develop a habit of eliminating there, as they have no choice to go outside on their own. You need to potty train your Yorkshire Terrier to break the habit.

However, when you get a puppy from a reputable breeder, your task is cut short. A good breeder usually sells puppies more than 7 to 8 weeks old and you are assured of getting a pet already potty trained.

Yorkie Potty Training: How To Potty Train Your Yorkshire Terrier

Starting with a crate ensures that your Yorkshire Terrier adapts to the housetraining fast and with minimum effort. Crate training exploits the psychological inhibition of a dog to eliminate at his place of living. It also prevents your puppy from wandering throughout the house and getting a chance to pee and pooh inside the house.

Schedule a time – preferably once an hour – to take your Yorkie to a commonplace outside. The place must be safe and secure. Use a word that can be simple to understand asking him to eliminate. If he does so, reward him.  This is the beginning of your Yorkie potty training. When you put him back in the crate, observe him for indications that hint at his urge to eliminate. If there is any sign, take your dog to the same place again and repeat what you did earlier.

Make sure you give no chance to your Yorkshire Terrier to eliminate inside the crate. Also, use a crate that is not very big for a small dog. Too much extra space may induce him to pee and pooh inside the crate.

Yorkie Potty Training Tips

  • Maintain a schedule for feeding and playtime. This puts in place a daily timetable and makes the behavior, including the elimination habit, more predictable. Dogs like routines and love to stick to it.
  • Try to learn how often and when your dog needs to housebreak. It helps preempt and prevent accidents. Once you are aware of your Yorkie’s habits, you can follow a planned schedule.
  • Associate a particular sound or word with your dog’s elimination. Toy breeds usually stay silent and need encouragement to express themselves. But relating his potty time to a particular sound may encourage him to take the first step. For example, you may tell your dog “potty time” when preparing to take him outside for elimination. This encourages him to approach whenever he has an urge to eliminate.
  • Don’t react if accidents happen. It may confuse your dog or even frighten him. Rather take your dog to his place of elimination as soon as accidents happen.
  • Patience is the key to Yorkie potty training. You must stay calm and persist in your effort despite frequent accidents.
  • There should not be any fixed time frame to potty train your pet.
  • Never punish your Yorkshire Terrier for not being able to adapt to training. Punishment may force your dog to eliminate secretly.

Some signs that your Yorkie needs to go outside include:

  • Scratching at the door
  • Squatting
  • Restlessness
  • Circling
  • Sniffing around

He should be tethered with a six-foot leash while inside during the training period.

Watch closely for the above signs, so your puppy will not soil indoors. If you see the signs, take him outside immediately on his leash.

Yorkie Potty Training for Adopted, Older Dogs

When you adopt an adult or older Yorkshire Terrier not potty trained properly, you have a task at hand to teach him housetraining. With a bit more effort, you can train such a dog.

Take the dog to a place outside and observe if he is ready for pee and pooh there. Typically, a Yorkie finds an open place frightening, as he has always been kept confined. He may consider him vulnerable to attack by others and this may distract him. Try to assuage your dog’s feelings and work to keep him relaxed. You may have to take your dog frequently to the place whenever you expect him to pee or pooh. Reward him when he does. A Yorkshire Terrier learns the objective of visiting that place in a few days and feels secure to eliminate there.

Using puppy pads

If you are gone for more than 5 or 6 hours, you want your dog to be able to go inside in an area that is set aside for this.

When you do have to use the pee pads, there are some steps to follow in training him, according to Pet Care Rx:

  1. Put down several pads next to each other. They should be away from his food and water. Choose an area that is quiet and away from family traffic.
  2. Give your Yorkie puppy food and take him to is training area about 20 minutes after. It is typical that a dog will need to go after eating, exercise or the first thing in the morning. Get him used to the same spot.
  3. Issue a verbal word, such as “potty” when he goes and reward him with a treat. If he goes somewhere else than on the pads, put him in his crate for 15 minutes, then return him to the pads and say, “potty.”
  4. If you catch him going outside the designated pad area, clap your hands, pick him up and take him to the pad area, while saying the command word.
  5. When you are not there, use a baby gate to cordon off an area of food, water, and puppy pads.
Puppy pads

Remember to thoroughly clean areas where your Yorkie has had an accident, as the scent will attract him back there and he will go again.

Please note: Training indoors is recommended only if it is going to be in force his entire life.

Use of pads makes training outdoors more difficult without a whole new training period.

Yorkies are known as a breed to be stubborn, so patience during the potty training period is a must on your part.

He will soon be trained, and everyone will be happy.

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