Amazing Yorkshire Terrier Frisbee Catcher

Amazing Yorkshire Terrier Frisbee Catcher

Watch this amazing video of a 3-year-old Yorkshire terrier who can catch a Frisbee that is being thrown away really far!

Yorkshire terriers are also known as toy dogs because of their petite size. When you say petite or tiny, you wouldn’t expect anyone or anything to run and catch something so quick and so swift. Well, exclude Yorkshire terriers when it comes to being slow because they are the epitome of one of the fastest and furious dogs ever.

In this video, the excited Yorkshire terrier named Furgi can’t even wait to catch the Frisbee. When the Frisbee is being thrown away so high and so far, Furgi run as fast as he could (you could even find yourself cheering for him) and then he quickly jumps to catch the disc-shaped gliding toy. It was definitely a nice catch!

Watch the video below and see for yourself how marvelous this dog really is.

Video and image source: YouTube

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