Yorkshire Terrier Wants A Cookie

Photo from DextersRuffLife

Have you ever wondered what actually happens when you bring home another pup? This adorable video gives us a glimpse of our dogs’ interactions when we are not watching.

In the video, Yorkshire Terrier Dexter meets his new Yorkie partner Peppermint. Obviously, Dexter wanted to know more about his new partner. So he tried to converse with her. Dexter started off with a simple question: what is Peppermint’s favorite food? Peppermint adorably replied, “cookie.” However, Dexter went on to ask Peppermint a complicated question about the economy, and the poor Yorkie could only respond with “cookie.” Realizing that he may have asked a very difficult question, Dexter tried to go back to a simpler query. But all Peppermint could say is “cookie.”

Dexter eventually gave up and reported to their mom.

Watch their first conversation below:

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